Saturday, December 26, 2009

Julius Shulman's First Book Appearance, Glass in Modern Construction

Glass in Modern Construction, Charles Scribners & Sons, 1937

Julius Shulman's career had barely begun when this book was published. His first client, Richard Neutra (see my post "Julius Shulman's First published Photograph"), was already well-established among publishers, editors and authors interested in "Modern" architecture. Neutra and his early apprentices, Gregory Ain, Harwell Hamilton Harris and Raphael Soriano also entered many competitions including those sponsored by glass manufacturers such as Pittsburgh Plate Glass

This book collects all of the winners in Pittsburgh Glass Institute's 1937 competition for best executed examples of glass in architecture, decoration and design previously published in the Architectural Forum and Pencil Points. Included are 2 Julius Shulman photos of Richard Neutra's Grace Miller (Mensendieck) House in Palm Springs, Shulman Job No. 049 first published in the May 1937 issue of Architectural Record and later in the August 1937 issue of Architectural Forum and 2 of Raphael Soriano's Lipetz House in Los Angeles, Job No. 0149 first published in the August 1937 issue of Architectural Forum (see below). The book also contains other work by Neutra (Barsha House, Landfair Apts., and Scholts Advertising Building all with Arthur Luckhaus photos) and Harwell Hamilton Harris (Fellowship Park House with Fred Dapprich photos).